About Us

With commercial success in bathroom and kitchen remodeling industry, Kitchen Restylers, Barry Dyer’s next step was to start building from the ground up. Dyton Builders was established in 2021 with a focus to build affordable & high quality commercial and residential properties.

Dyton Builders home is based in Wilmington North Carolina and currently services Wilmington and the surrounding areas.


Barry Dyer

Founder of Dyton Builders & Kitchen Restylers

Current Projects

Dyton Builders currently has two ongoing projects in Wilmington and the surrounding area. One of them is a commercial property for Kitchen Restylers and the other is a residential family home on the waterfront in Southport NC.

Kitchen Restylers

Kitchen Restylers is a kitchen remodeling company that services southern NC and the Myrtle Beach area. This building in progress is designed for storage, office space, workshops, and public showrooms for their products.  This projected will be completed by late March 2022.

Southport Family Home

This is a family home being built on the waterfront downtown Southport NC. We are currently getting the land ready for development and estimate to finish the property in April 2023.